As some of you may know, May 6th, I was diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma.   Fortunately for me, it was a VERY small tumor located at the base of the tongue that did spread to a node in my neck (where I first discovered it).  There is currently no pain, except when it was biopsied but that has sense gone away.

We have been to Emory Winship Cancer Center and have an excellent prognosis from them (and my ENT Dr. Conger).   We are looking into a more directed treatment called "Proton Therapy".  In some cases, this type of therapy delivers the same treatment with up to 50% less collateral tissue damage.    This sounds a lot more pleasant to me so we are actively looking into it though the best location to obtain this treatment seems to be At MD Anderson Cancer group in Orlando.   We have folks that we can stay with some of the time if we do go down there for treatment.

Anyway, I will be writing into this blog as this adventure continues.   Hopefully, this will get resolved and we can get back under the water for some Scuba.