You know, those things we "want" to have but don't "need" to have !!!  

I have quite a few already but more will be added.

Current projects into LED/RGB Christmas light panel.   Current panel is 96"x48" with 1152 LEDs.   I'm considering rebuilding it to be a bit smaller over all but with higher resolution.   This looks good right now if you are far enough away (50+ feet).   I've thought about putting it on the roof and sending messages to Delta flights as they head north over head.. ;) 

I've pretty much decided to buy a 3D printer (finally).   The MakerGear M2 seems to be a very good one with excellent repeatability and durability.   I'm thinking this might be a good "diversion" while I'm in treatment.   Where was this back when I owned a hobby shop !  (And David Burnell was alive.  He would have loved it.  Miss you Dave...)