Those of you who have played with VTC-Monitor_V2 (drop over to the software page if you want to try it out).   Ideas of what comes next...

  1. When a site is paired up and the system is set to Manual Answer, because it is paired to VTC-Monitor_V2, we will automatically answer the call.   Basically, by being "Paired/Monitored" by VTC-Monitor_V2, you are giving permission to Auto Answer incoming calls.
  2. Right click, add a entry to allow a small "Telnet" window to open for direct operator input.
  3. Allow notification and answering of calls if system is manual answer and item 1 isn't set.
  4. Allow the operator to terminate the call (If in MP call, needs to be able to select call).

What else would you folks like to see added.   

Please comment.