She is certainly more than a blog entry.   Cary Ann Bennett and I have been together since 2007.   She has tolerated me for those years and I've helped her to see things she had never seen before.   She is the love of my life and will be forever.    

We are working thru this recent medical issue (see Cancer) and she has spearheaded getting my treatment started.   

We are tied at the hip and very much enjoy the same things.  Most recently, she dove in (literally) into scuba thanks to our trip to the south pacific.  She loves the little underwater things and if she could, she would take a picture of every single one of them.   

Anyway, most of the time, if you see me, most likely Cary is somewhere close by (unless I'm teaching and then, most of the times she stays home helping her Daughter (Amy) with the 5 Gkids.



11/26/2017 5:07pm

What a beautiful website... Love to visit here again and again.


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