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Ok, so, that said, I'm going to be posting some of my "general" pictures here for folks to enjoy.   I've noticed that I often get very lucking with my pictures and they are pretty good.. (at least I think so).  Anyway, Please enjoy and if you WANT one, please contact me first and I'll work something out with you.

And, of course, this is my Cary Ann.  We have been together since 2007, thru the ups and downs and now my medical issue (see Blog).



07/25/2017 5:10am

Best time of the day to get married, for the best photographs There is no right answer as to what time of the day is the best time to get married. This is a very personal choice. There is however a more important issue regarding choosing the right photographer, who can handle the light and produce stunningly beautiful pictures at the specific time that you want to get married.


I'd like to have such trip too! It is really impressing!


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