So, you think you've had a lot of calls on your codec.   Well, lets look at one of the codecs for the test site,

You will notice the call count on the right side...    
I'd like to think (though, I might not be right) that I have more calls on this codec than anyone else in the world.   Anyone got more ?
Those of you who have played with VTC-Monitor_V2 (drop over to the software page if you want to try it out).   Ideas of what comes next...

  1. When a site is paired up and the system is set to Manual Answer, because it is paired to VTC-Monitor_V2, we will automatically answer the call.   Basically, by being "Paired/Monitored" by VTC-Monitor_V2, you are giving permission to Auto Answer incoming calls.
  2. Right click, add a entry to allow a small "Telnet" window to open for direct operator input.
  3. Allow notification and answering of calls if system is manual answer and item 1 isn't set.
  4. Allow the operator to terminate the call (If in MP call, needs to be able to select call).

What else would you folks like to see added.   

Please comment.
Working the Polycom Booth (N2013).   Been really busy also been great seeing many old friends and making new friends.   Hope you had a chance to come see all the goodies in the booth (and maybe a few cookies from our friends over at ScanSource !
If you have something on your mind about either Polycom HDX or Group Series and you have searched the internet, drop a note here and maybe I can help you out.

BTW, I don't answer "Why" questions about Polycom software design and features. ;) 
She is certainly more than a blog entry.   Cary Ann Bennett and I have been together since 2007.   She has tolerated me for those years and I've helped her to see things she had never seen before.   She is the love of my life and will be forever.    

We are working thru this recent medical issue (see Cancer) and she has spearheaded getting my treatment started.   

We are tied at the hip and very much enjoy the same things.  Most recently, she dove in (literally) into scuba thanks to our trip to the south pacific.  She loves the little underwater things and if she could, she would take a picture of every single one of them.   

Anyway, most of the time, if you see me, most likely Cary is somewhere close by (unless I'm teaching and then, most of the times she stays home helping her Daughter (Amy) with the 5 Gkids.

All photographs on this site were taken by and are OWNED by Gary Miyakawa, NO ONE has permission to reuse these pictures without WRITTEN authorization.  

Ok, so, that said, I'm going to be posting some of my "general" pictures here for folks to enjoy.   I've noticed that I often get very lucking with my pictures and they are pretty good.. (at least I think so).  Anyway, Please enjoy and if you WANT one, please contact me first and I'll work something out with you.

And, of course, this is my Cary Ann.  We have been together since 2007, thru the ups and downs and now my medical issue (see Blog).





You know, those things we "want" to have but don't "need" to have !!!  

I have quite a few already but more will be added.

Current projects into LED/RGB Christmas light panel.   Current panel is 96"x48" with 1152 LEDs.   I'm considering rebuilding it to be a bit smaller over all but with higher resolution.   This looks good right now if you are far enough away (50+ feet).   I've thought about putting it on the roof and sending messages to Delta flights as they head north over head.. ;) 

I've pretty much decided to buy a 3D printer (finally).   The MakerGear M2 seems to be a very good one with excellent repeatability and durability.   I'm thinking this might be a good "diversion" while I'm in treatment.   Where was this back when I owned a hobby shop !  (And David Burnell was alive.  He would have loved it.  Miss you Dave...)

As some of you may know, May 6th, I was diagnosed with Squamous cell carcinoma.   Fortunately for me, it was a VERY small tumor located at the base of the tongue that did spread to a node in my neck (where I first discovered it).  There is currently no pain, except when it was biopsied but that has sense gone away.

We have been to Emory Winship Cancer Center and have an excellent prognosis from them (and my ENT Dr. Conger).   We are looking into a more directed treatment called "Proton Therapy".  In some cases, this type of therapy delivers the same treatment with up to 50% less collateral tissue damage.    This sounds a lot more pleasant to me so we are actively looking into it though the best location to obtain this treatment seems to be At MD Anderson Cancer group in Orlando.   We have folks that we can stay with some of the time if we do go down there for treatment.

Anyway, I will be writing into this blog as this adventure continues.   Hopefully, this will get resolved and we can get back under the water for some Scuba.
And were able to tolerate my bad jokes and puns and managed to learn, at least something, I welcome you to comment here.  I know most of you filled out the class evaluations but those don't make it back to me. 
For me, creativity is very important.   While there are many things in this work that I might not agree with or want to own, I will admire the creativity that brought them about.  How about you ?